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This is CEO Eun-sook, Kim. All of advanced countries do their best to reduce greenhouse gas according to Kyoto Protocol. The Korean government also invest much in R&D for this and compaign the importance of environment friendly products by several certificate authority green certificate, high efficient devices certificate under the slogan Green growth, eco green technology.

Our company NGP was established in 1990 under the name of Sung-il and contributed to electronic components as a pioneer in the industry. In 2011, it changed the name to NGP(New Green Power) and started New Renewal Energy business according to change of environment in the globalization era under the slogan of Green Innovation.

Please give us your concerns and encouragement in order for us to be the best in the world market as well as domestic market with our main products. Solar photovoltaic a typical new renewable energy product, LED lightings a representative high efficient device, Power distribution system which has anti-earthquake function.

Thank you.